This information will help minimise unnecessary swelling, discomfort, bleeding and aid the healing process with minimal scarring.

  1. Please leave your dressing tapes intact.  Cleanse your face gently and keep the tape as dry as possible.
  2. You have been given two cool packs. Keep one applied to the area for the first two to three days to reduce swelling.  The other should be kept in the fridge cooling, ready to replace the one in use.
  3. To reduce swelling, for the first week, always use two or three pillows to support your head and shoulders while you are resting or sleeping on your back.  Bend your knees and keep your head elevated when putting on shoes.
  4. Resting quietly at home is recommended for the first week.  Avoid becoming hot and flushed.  Avoid strenuous activity, excessive movement, bending over or lifting.  You may find it more comfortable to wear sunglasses when outside.
  5.  If your eyes feel dry or irritated, use “Artificial Tears” eye drops, available from a chemist.  Do not use eye make-up for the first two weeks.
  6. Please avoid smoking for 30 days after surgery as this can interfere with healing.
  7. For a year after surgery, avoid exposing your face to the sun without adequate protection as this can cause skin discoloration to the scar tissue.
  8. Continue to use your medication as instructed.  If medically possible avoid blood thinning medications containing Aspirin or Vitamin E for four weeks after surgery.
  9. Avoid foods or fluids which will raise your blood pressure such as caffeine based drinks and salty snacks.