This information will help minimise unnecessary swelling, discomfort, bleeding and aid the healing process with minimal scarring.

  1. You have waterproof dressings so you may take a quick shower.  Avoid spraying the water directly on your breasts.  Try to have the water not too hot, as sensation to this area is temporarily impaired. Pat dry the dressings so that they stay intact.
  2. For the first two weeks to reduce swelling, use two or three pillows to support your head and shoulders.  Rest or sleep on your back, keeping your head and shoulders elevated.
  3. Try to stay at home resting as much as possible.
  4. Avoid strenuous activity, excessive movement or lifting.  Avoid lifting your elbows higher than your shoulders. Ensure the placement of a car seat belt across your chest is not creating pain and pressure.
  5. Following a general anaesthetic you may experience a level of constipation so have light meals with plenty of fluids, preferably water.  To reduce fluid retention, minimise salty foods.
  6. We advise you wear the surgical supportive bra or similar style for six weeks following your surgery.  Avoid wearing an under-wire bra for that period of time, as this can cause unnecessary pressure over the suture lines.
  7. Avoid smoking for 30 days after surgery as this can interfere with healing.
  8. Exposure of breasts to the sun without adequate sunscreen can result in the scar tissue becoming burnt and discoloured.