This information will help minimise unnecessary swelling, discomfort, bleeding and aid the healing process with minimal scarring.

  1. Please ensure you wear your compression garment for a minimum of six weeks after surgery. You may take it off for showering and washing of the garment. Please make sure you put it back on as soon as possible. Please leave all your dressings intact and pat dry after showering.
  2. To help reduce swelling and discomfort avoid standing or sitting in one position for too long. Rest is good, however moving around slowly as much as possible is also recommended. Use a pillow under your knees when resting, this takes the pressure off your abdomen. Use two to three pillows under your head and shoulders. To increase circulation, keep moving your ankles and feet.
  3. For the next three to six weeks avoid strenuous activity, excessive movement or lifting as this can cause bleeding. Swelling and bruising is to be expected. We recommend that you refrain from driving a car for two to three weeks.
  4. Continue to take your medication as instructed. If medically possible avoid taking blood thinning medications containing Aspirin or Vitamin E for four weeks after surgery.
  5. After a general anaesthetic you may experience a level of constipation. We recommend that you eat light meals with plenty of fluids, preferably 8 glasses of water per day. Eat ample fresh fruit and vegetables to increase fibre in your diet. To reduce fluid retention, avoid salty foods.
  6. Avoid smoking for 30 days after surgery as this can seriously interfere with healing.