The following information is to help you minimise unnecessary swelling, discomfort, bleeding and help you heal quickly with minimal scarring.

  1. Please refrain from driving or operating machinery for at least 24 hours after surgery.
  2. Keep the dressings intact and prevent them from getting wet.
  3. For the first week to help reduce swelling use two or three pillows to support your head and shoulders while you are resting or sleeping on your back, not your side.  Bend your knees and keep your head elevated when bending to put on shoes.
  4. For the next two weeks rest quietly at home.  Avoid strenuous activity, excessive movement or lifting.  For three months avoid participating in any activity where the ears may be bumped.
  5. Continue to use your medication as instructed.  If medically possible avoid taking blood thinning medications containing Aspirin or Vitamin E for four weeks after surgery.
  6. We strongly advise that you do not smoke for 30 days after your surgery as this can interfere with healing.
  7. After one week the dressings will be removed at your first post-operative appointment.  You will be able to shower and  use shampoo to gently wash your hair. Carefully dry around your ears.  Any dried blood in and around your ears will be washed away after a few showers.  You are to wear a head band over your ears day and night for another week and then just at night for the following week.  Be careful that your ears are not caught in clothing when dressing.
  8. Fresh scars will sunburn and blister easily, therefore please avoid direct sun exposure of sun on your ears without adequate sunscreen protection  and suitable hat.
  9. After a few weeks your ears may be very sensitive which is normal.  This will generally settle down after six months