This information will help minimise unnecessary swelling, discomfort, bleeding and aid the healing process with minimal scarring

  1. Your dressings over the surgical site must be kept dry and in place.
  2. If your dressings become dislodged, within the first day, please ring the centre for advice. Please avoid taking the dressing off.  If the dressing is clear plastic “Tegaderm” which is waterproof, you may have a quick shower and pat the area dry.
  3. Avoid strenuous activity, straining or lifting.  Please rest the area as much as possible to avoid excessive bleeding. If medically possible avoid blood thinning medications containing Aspirin or Vitamin E. Use Panadol or prescribed pain relief medication as necessary. You may also be given Antibiotics.
  4. Please avoid smoking for 30 days as this interferes with healing.

For the first two weeks to reduce swelling and discomfort keep the surgical area elevated as follows:

For head and neck surgery:
Use two or three pillows to support your head and shoulders when resting or sleeping.  Keep your head up when putting on shoes.

For leg surgery with a skin graft:
Rest with the leg elevated higher than hips until your first post op visit.  Get up to go to the toilet only. Please avoid getting the dressing graft and donor site wet.

For leg surgery without skin graft:
Rest with leg elevated higher than hips for the first 48hrs, then elevate leg as much as possible for the next week and avoid standing for long periods.

For hand surgery:
Keep hand elevated at all times. Use a sling during the day and elevated on a pillow out of sling when sleeping.  For showering cover the hand with a plastic bag and seal well with tape to ensure no water gets inside.